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    WTZ-A700 Overload Limiter --Quayside Gantry Crane/Overhead Crane/Eot Crane
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    Overload Limiter WTZ-A700
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      WTZ-A700 Overload Limiter for Quayside Crane


    Overload limiter can be in the form of Chinese characters, graphics, characters and so on comprehensive display the various parameters in the process of work. 

    As the main hook load, vice hook load, work boom Angle, length of boom, radius, etc.; 


    Alarm function 

    Have sound and light alarm function: when the crane boom work amplitude limit close to work, when lifting load and torque device close to the permitted load limit, torque system issued a warning of slow beeping sound. Warning lights flashing slowly torque system. 

    When jib frame work scope to work limit, when the lifting load and torque reaches equipment when the permitted load limit moment send urgent alarm beeping sound. Shortness of torque system alarm indicating red light flashing.

    Torque protection function 

    Control output function: when boom amplitude limit close to work, work when lifting load and torque device close to the permitted load limit, the system output torque control signal to stop the crane continue to continue to run in the direction of risk, allow crane moves in the direction of security. 


Data control box   



        Application Cases

Indonesia noell 45t crane lmi-1.jpgmakassar port 45tlmi-2.jpg

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